Drone Surveys

Our Drone Surveys are delivered using our state-of-the art UAVs (Unmanned Aerial Vehicles – otherwise known as drones), which offer our clients a cost-effective, high-quality solution that eliminates the risk of working at height associated with traditional means of survey access.

Unlike the vast majority of other UAV operators, our inspections and surveys are undertaken by qualified RICS Regulated Building Surveyors, who specialises in the inspection and assessment of building envelopes.

This ensures that our surveys deliver the highest quality results, safely and cost-effectively, that can be relied on to inform our client’s decision making.

UAVs offer significant cost savings when compared with traditional methods of access when undertaking condition surveys on all types of buildings. This is largely due to the reduced time needed on site, (typically the site element of a survey can be completed in a matter of hours rather than days) and the lack of requirement for hire of powered access or scaffolding (which can add significant cost).

Why choose a drone survey?

  • High Resolution images & 4K video
  • Minimal disruption
  • No scaffolding or access equipment required
  • Low cost

Some areas of roofs may be completely inaccessible by traditional access methods. Fragile roofs and ageing asbestos containing materials present a serious health and safety risk. By utilising a drone survey, detailed photographic data can be obtained of the roof and high-level elements of a building without the risk of fall or disturbing and releasing asbestos.

We operate the most sophisticated market-leading UAVs, offering unprecedented safety, fail-safe systems and flight stabilisation technology. We are a CAA-approved company holding a valid Permission for Commercial Operation. Our pilots are all qualified to the industry standard, subject to yearly assessment, and collectively hold thousands of hours of flight experience surveying hundreds of buildings and structures throughout the UK.

Set up on site is simple, an appropriate take-off and landing spot will have already been chosen during the desktop survey as part of the Risk Assessment process. Typically only requiring one operative and our UAV, our drone surveys completely eliminating the costs associated with alternative access. UAVs dramatically reduce the time required to complete the survey – an experienced, qualified pilot can capture thousands of images in just a few hours. This not only allows for sites to remain open with minimal disturbance to working operations or public use, it significantly reduces the costs of performing the survey.

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